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replacing my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less

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every time i feel anxious i recall zadie smith’s words in white teeth about how no one deserves love all the time, that all we deserve is food, water, and shelter. i do not think she was calling for self-abasement but asking us to make our own way for ourselves, to expect from the world as much as we work to cull from it, and to take losses in stride as an inevitable portion of life’s offerings.

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White men have been raised to believe that they’re God; most gay white men are marginal in only one respect. Much of the gay white movement seeks to be included in the american dream and is angered when they do not receive the standard white male privileges, misnamed as “american democracy.” Often, white gay men are working NOT to change the system. This is one of the reasons why the gay male movement is as white as it is.

— Audre Lorde, in “Sadomasochism: Not About Condemnation (An Interview with Audre Lorde)” from I Am Your Sister: Collected and Unpublished Writings of Audre Lorde. Edited by Rudolph P. Byrd, Johnnetta Betsch Cole, and Beverly Guy-Sheftall. (2009)

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i am drunk on a wednesday and need to stop lusting after straighties this is my update for today goodnight

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Vittore Carpaccio, Saint Paul, 1520

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Vittore Carpaccio, Saint Paul, 1520

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Psyche Abandoned.  Jean Joseph Taillasson.  French 1745-1809. oil/canvas.

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Psyche Abandoned.  Jean Joseph Taillasson.  French 1745-1809. oil/canvas.

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i’m not actually really texting the first boy too much anymore he is so incredibly boring and apathetic it’s tragic. he once told me he has no academic interests like that is just SO BORING how can you be interested in literally nothing

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currently texting 2 boys and flirting with them and hooking up with a different one the past 2 weekends WHO AM I????????????? this is so unlike me like i don’t actually ever talk to boys ever

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Before jerking off : i would literally suck 6 dicks rn
After jerking off : men are gross

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he slept over and i don’t sleep well with others so now i’m exhausted but it’s ok

14 September 2014     10:05 am

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